Century Publishing Co. was founded in 1967, Canada's centennial year, from which it derived its name. For over 40 years the Canadian agribusiness community has looked to us for reliable information about developments and trends in this exciting and vital industry. Our background, experience and resources assure our subscribers of focused, accurate and timely information about what's really going on.

Our newsletter AGRIWEEK began publication in 1967. AGRILINE was launched in 1990 as the first FAX-delivered regularly-issued periodical publication in Canada.

Our company is an independent, privately-owned Canadian firm located in Winnipeg, the historic centre of Canada's grain and commodity trade and still the gateway to the west. We are not affiliated with any grain company or dealer and have no connection with any American or foreign market news provider. We do not sell advertising. We offer objective, unbiased agricultural news and commodity market information from an all-Canadian viewpoint.

Unlike some information services in this field, we generate all of our own original editorial content based on careful research, solid experience and an intimate, in-depth knowledge of the issues currently presented to the agricultural and agribusiness industries. We do not use wire service material, freelance contributions, links or 'cloaking' from other sites or other forms of boilerplate' so commonly seen elsewhere.

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